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Medical Transcription Solution Components

Our medical transcription platform consists of these crucial parts:

Vendors are individuals or organizations (US based or offshore) that transcribe audio files into text for your clients.

Clients are your customers. They could be individual healthcare providers, clinics or hospitals that use your medical transcription services to generate their documentation, whether patient charts or letters, to enter into EMR or to print a hard copy.

Speakers are individuals that dictate audio, whether via dial-in, recorder or computer microphone. Each client may have one or more speakers within.

Users are individuals that have access to our cloud-based solution. You decide if your want your vendors to have web access. It is also up to you whether you want your clients and/or speakers to have access to web portal.

Our platform creates a smooth workflow of data between all above players. Whether dictated via calling the toll-free number, uploaded into our secured FTP servers or transferred from the recorder via our web portal, you could be ensured that the audio file will find the right vendor. And then, when transcription vendor completes the typing, the document could (optionally) be uploaded the quality control vendor. And finally, when document is ready to be relased, it could either automatically go to client's secured FTP site and/or could be faxed out and/or could be uploaded to client's EMR via HL7 interfaces; and/or your document could simply wait for client to download/print/e-sign it right from our web portal.

The invoicing of your client in our platform is a matter of a click of a mouse. Emailing documents to client via encrypted archive is matter of selecting checkboxes and then clicking button "Deliver". Creating an FTP account is a matter of entering user ID and password and clicking button "Save Speaker". Creating a dialplan with the telephony card is a matter of entering dial-in code and clicking the same button to save settings. Let our automated medical transcription platform do a heavy lifting for you!

Received the typing. Thanks. Looks great. Should have gotten involved with your company a long time ago !!!!!

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