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Encrypted Email - How Decryption Works?

1. Install Decrypto. We have Decrypto App available for iOS devices, Android devices and Windows OS.

2. Register App. Run App, enter your phone number, email address and 4-digit numeric password. Click button "Register".

3. Decrypt File. Now simply click HCEF file that is attached to your email and content of the file will be automatically decrypted and shown in the native App. On i-OS devices, open file via taping Decrypto icon.

You need to register your App only once, however, it is safe to register App more than once and on more than one device.

You can register your App only after at least one email was sent to you with the HCEF file attached to it.

Please remember your password - you will need it if you attempt to register App more than once or register it on more than one device.

Do not forward encrypted files to others - HCEF file made for you can only be decrypted by you.

Yes, you will be able to open HCEF files from Microsoft Outlook.

I am referring over an office, I told them you guys are great to work with.

Jessica Neely, Office Manager
Clearwater Gastroenterology