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Medical Transcription Solution Highlights

- 15 minutes activation; no equipment needed; 24/7/365 availability
- Simple to use web interfaces with the optional application access
- Extensive reports, generating data in real time
- Secured access to data; no anonymous access is allowed
- Easy-to-understand pricing structures; the most competitive plans in the industry
- No limits on number of clients, speakers, vendors, users, audio files or documents
- No hidden costs, no start-up fees and no long term commitments

Dial-in Dictations
- We provide toll free 800 number for your client's dial-in dictations
- Several dialplans to choose from are provided too
- No limits on number of simultaneous dial-in dictations
- Automatic "active packet loss prevention module"

Technologies Involved
- Automatic creation of unlimited FTP accounts for clients and vendors
- Automatic download of audio or upload of documents via SSH, SFTP, FTP SSL, etc
- Automatic audio conversions (VOC to MP3, WAV to MP3, etc)
- Automatic faxing: inbound (patient schedules) and outbound (documents)
- Automatic upload of transcribed document to/from EMR via HL7

Increased Productivity
- Support for templates (normals)
- Support for STATs (audio files that require a fast turnaround)
- Support for Medicare-compliant electronic signatures
- Extensive logging - we keep every version of audio and document
- Windows-based plugins for uploading of audio and downloading/printing documents
- Windows-based plugins for creating/editing documents and audio playback
- Microsoft Word plugin that updates your document within our platform via click of a button
- Automatic calculations of lines (net, gross, black and normalized) for every document
- Automatic invoicing of clients and verifying vendor line counts

The platform is easy to use and allows for a great increase in productivity. Editing is faster, and document movement and delivery is far easier. The calling solution can be handled by even the computer illiterate.

Russell Radovich
686 Medical