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After-hours Solution Components

Our After-hours solution consists of four crucial parts:

Clients. These are your customers that you are providing after-hours support for. It could be medical office or law firm, real estate agency or insurance company.

Users. These are individuals who work for your client. In many cases users have schedules, and your vendors should know wortking hours and act accordingly.

Vendors. These are your sub-contractors. In most cases these are call centers. After leaving for a day, your clients/users would forward phone calls to phone number provided by your vendors.

Agents. These are individuals who work for your vendor; they answer the phone when someone calls your client/user after hours.

Our web based solution will log every phone call. It will ensure that agent specifies caller's name and phone number, call type (regular or emergency), reason for call and his/her conversation. At the end of the conversation, our solution will automatically email/fax/SMS(text) user the log of the phone call. In addition, clients and users are able to login to their portal and check the status of each phone call.

The customer support/service is by far the best and most reliable I have ever dealt with. Superior!

Maureen Wardell
North American Transcription Company