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Automated Call Solution Components

Our phone system consists of three crucial parts:

Callers. These are actual individuals who call our toll-free number. One caller does not necessarily mean one individual however. Additionally, you can create only one caller and share the caller's dial-in credentials (user ID and optinally, pin) with an unlimited number of users. Callers can be created manually through our web site, or automatically en masse, by simply uploading an excel spreadsheet or text file.

Receivers. These are individuals who receive calls from our front-end telephony servers. Receivers can be created through the same means used in creating callers. Pre-programmed excel spreadsheets can be used as templates in creating callers and/or receivers.

Dial plans. Dial plan is a sequence of commands that our front-end telephony servers deploy when they call your receivers or take a call from your callers! We have pre-created many dial plans, which work right out of-the-box, covering over 90% of all possible situations, yet retain the flexibility of adding a new dial plan or changing an existing one to any type of desired format.

Our dial plans can be customized to the unique needs of your business. Do you feel your customers respond more favorably to the softer touch of the female voice? That can be pre-programmed as an option with a simple click of a mouse. Do you have Spanish-speaking customers? Another click of the mouse enables a Spanish voice options to be heard. The system has ABSOLUTELY ZERO limits in the number of callers, receivers, dial plans, conference rooms, or ANY component. PERIOD.

Just to confirm to you, our office is very pleased with your company's services. The turnaround time is exceptional and you have eliminated nearly every error issue. Thank you to you and your team!

Ann Cooley
Southwest Therapy Specialists, P.C.